Below is a Dashboard Prototype of the Crood Music L2E app environment. As stated, its only a prototype, showcasing the features, User friendly UI, and the Uniqueness of what is to come in the Alpha, Beta, and Full initial launch. That being said , a lot of designs, features etc are subject to change.

To get full experience, it is advanceable to view on a desktop device.


1.Connect Wallet
The 1st process is the connection of your solana supported crypto wallet. This is a basic step, in which, afterwards, your wallet NFTs will be loaded up onto the dashboard . This could take some seconds depending on amount of nft in your wallet. When loaded up , you could then Stake your desired NFT.

+ Wallet to be connected MUST have at least ONE FAIRCROOD NFT to access the full features of the platform
+ Wallet should have minimum amount $SOL to cover for blockchain fee while signing transaction for staking , unstaking and swap-staking your NFTs.
+We NEVER get nor store your wallet security info and would never ask you for it. Anyone claiming to be support and requests for it is a scammer.

2.Stream Board
The stream Board allows you to connect a stream media platform of your choice and displays your stream media platform profile connected . In the prototype below, spotify is in the demonstration, and the profile is loaded up.
Use multiple platforms? no problem, you could simply unlink profile and sign in with your alternate profile.

We do not get nor store any viable info (such as Email/Phone, Payment method linked to your profile, password, etc) on your profile onto our servers.
Per your authorisation on sign in , only info we view (view only and not write/edit permission) is: Display name, playlist info (Now Playing music, Next Music, Most played album,track, play runtime), subscription status. These are not stored but as used in real time.
This is in no affliation with any of the stream media platforms

3.Stake Board
This Tab features the stake dashboard, which shows your NFTs staked , Your wallet balance , dashboard balance, claim your earned $CROOD, Withdraw your claimed $CROOD to your personal wallet (Requires you to sign transaction on wallet and needs $SOL to cover for blockchain fee less than a cent )

Unstake: The basic feature of all stake system. allows you to un-stake your already staked NFT(s) and it is sent back to your wallet.

SWAP-STAKE: This is a new feature implemented, and is first ever, on the space, developed by Croods Staking. This allows you to unstake an NFT (already staked) and stake another NFT of your choice in the click of a button, both happening simultaneously . The reward system still recognises it as still staked and you still earn your combo reward .
While this feature is Unique , it will be limited to some NFTs and partners.
why? Imagine swap-staking from a Standard Project NFT to some sh*t NFT . There you go!